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SG Holdings Global is located in Singapore to supervise overseas business outside Japan. We promote the international freight business in quickly growing overseas markets such as China and ASEAN, through our core consigned forwarding business, while also providing high value added services by improving logistics, local delivery, international express and other associated business. Our network doesn't stop with Asia, but expands worldwide to further business development.

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We offer optimal solutions to meet a diverse range of international freight transport needs, with global footprint spreads across 4 continents and across 20 countries, and a strong partner network of over 100 agents worldwide.

With bonded warehousing and CFS warehousing we are operating, we keep the international freight business flowing smoothly.

By actively developing new products and services for international cargo transport, we further strengthen our international distribution services and support our customers’ global business operations.


We provide customized logistics solutions and overall optimization to suit the products and businesses of our customers in a variety of industries and areas, such as apparel, cosmetics, automobile, precision instruments, and mail order. By utilizing the Group’s global locations which can provide storage, product inspection and processing operations, we are able to provide Uniform Logistics from overseas into Japan, to shorten lead time, reduce cost and allows us to provide one-stop support for complicated logistics demands.


We offer a variety of local transportation and delivery services in various countries, such as supermarket and convenience stores delivery services; delivery solutions associated with B to B and B to C market, and so on. It is often difficult to ensure high quality domestic delivery services in overseas market, but Sagawa’s same high level of quality is available as an added-value service. We are actively developing new fields in Delivery services, not limiting ourselves to domestic delivery, but also expanding cross-border delivery in some regions.

International Express

Sagawa Express started in 1957 in Japan, delivering its first package between Kyoto and Osaka. In the more than 50 years since, we have inherited "hikyaku no kokoro" (the spirit of express messenger.) We are one of the top 3 Express service provider in Japan now.

Since first Sagawa Express overseas company was setup in 1990 in Hong Kong, we have been expanding to Internal Express service to more than 14 countries in Asia region, and we strive to continue enhancing our International express delivery business.


Aiming to be our customers’ one-stop solutions provider, we have also been providing services such as Customs Clearance, Relocation, etc. in some countries outside Japan.

In addition to that, we work closely with our sister company in Japan, to assist you on the business demand in Japan such as Vehicle maintenance, Logistics IT service, Human resource services, Settlement services, etc.